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A video of a woman’s Stanley tumbler surviving a car fire has gone viral on social media. Despite the vehicle’s interior being mostly charred, the orange-coloured cup remained unharmed and even had some ice in it, which the woman shook to prove. The video caught the attention of the cup’s manufacturers, who offered to replace both the cup and the woman’s vehicle. The company’s president, Terence Reilly, stated that this move is a first and last for them.

The company's president asserted that ‘Stanleys are built for life’ after a car fire destroyed everything inside except for the tumbler. (X/@AmandaMGoetz)
The company’s president asserted that ‘Stanleys are built for life’ after a car fire destroyed everything inside except for the tumbler. (X/@AmandaMGoetz)

“Yesterday a video went viral on TikTok when a woman shared the inside of her car after it caught on fire including her Stanley cup – still intact and with ice in it! The president of Stanley stitched the video in less than 24 hours, offering to replace her cup and her car,” reads a part of the caption shared alongside the video on X.

The caption further reads, “This company will now get likely 1B earned media impressions and positive brand awareness plus knowledge of the quality of their product through this one quick response and 30-second video. 1. Listen to your social team 2. Moved fast 3. Care about your audience Great marketing move, Stanley!”

The video opens to show a woman showing her Stanley tumbler that remains unscathed by fire and still has ice in it. The video then transitions to Stanley’s President, Terrence Reilly, expressing his relief that the woman is safe. He then thanked her for sharing the video showing Stanley cups’ exceptional durability. Willey then goes on to say that ‘Stanleys are built for life’. He further adds that he will not only send some Stanleys to the woman but also replace her car.

Take a look at the tweet right here:

The tweet was shared on November 17. It has since accumulated over 23.2 million views, and the numbers are still increasing. A few even took to the comments section of the post to share their thoughts.

Check out how people reacted to this offer by the company:

“This really warms my heart and makes my day,” expressed an individual.

Another added, “Didn’t know Stanley. Now I know Stanley and I love them. Mission accomplished.”

“How to be memorable. I won’t be forgetting Stanley cups. It’s that easy, folks, and it doesn’t have to be Oprah-level giveaways to stand out – just got to be there when it happens and actually care about it,” shared a third.

A fourth commented, “Awesome and tremendous marketing. No harm in doing good and getting noticed for it.”

“I’ve never even heard of Stanley and now I’m buying one,” shared a fifth.

A sixth joined, “I love the ‘one more thing’. Such a great gesture!”

“Big up to Stanley with that boss move. Kind actions from a good brand,” remarked a seventh.


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