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A video of Virat Kohli reacting to a viral online phrase has left people in splits. In an interview with Sumukhi Suresh, the cricketer had an epic reaction when he was asked about his opinion on the phrase ‘My delulu is the only solulu’. What is even more interesting is how several netizens shared that they had the “exact same” reaction when they heard the phrase for the first time.

Many shared they could related to Virat Kohli's reaction to ‘My delulu is the only solulu’ phrase. (Instagram/@virat.kohli)
Many shared they could related to Virat Kohli’s reaction to ‘My delulu is the only solulu’ phrase. (Instagram/@virat.kohli)

An X user shared the video with a caption that reads, “Virat Kohli can’t believe the word delulu exists.” In the clip, Suresh says ‘delulu’. To which, Kohli laughs out loud and says, ‘Nehi yaar [No].” Instantly, Suresh goes on to say the entire phrase, and after laughing for a moment, Kohli simply says, ‘Aise kaun baat karta hai [Who speaks like this].”

However, he quickly deciphers the meaning of the phrase – “My delusion is the only solution”. The clip ends with Kohli repeating the phrase while staring at Suresh in disbelief.

Take a look at this conversation between Virat Kohli and Sumukhi Suresh:

The post was shared on November 7. Since then, the tweet has accumulated close to 1.8 lakh views. The post has further gathered nearly 1,800 likes. People posted varied comments while reacting to the video, with many sharing how they relate to Kohli’s reaction.

Check out how X users reacted to the video:

“This is me. This is me. I had the exact same reaction,” shared an X user. “He’s so real for this,” added another. “His reaction to the delulu solulu thing was epic – it isn’t in this video, and he went on to say, thank god I’m born in ‘88,” joined a third. “His face in disbelief lmao,” wrote a fourth.

What does ‘My delulu is the only solulu’ mean?’

This trend originated on TikTok, and initially became a way of describing one’s dating life, reports Forbes. It referred to a belief that someone is interested in a person, despite the signs suggesting otherwise. However, the viral phrase soon spread its wings and became a preferred term for many to use in various domains of life.

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