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Are you someone who boasts of having a good IQ level? If yes, we have a challenging brain teaser that might leave you perplexed. Are you up for this challenge?

Can you solve this?
Can you solve this?

This maths-related brain teaser was shared on Instagram by ‘Prime Maths Quiz.’ The question states, “IQ testing, 95% will fail- if 1+1=9, 2+4=15, 3+3=21 then what is the value of 4+4?”

Take a look at this brain teaser here:

This post was shared on November 16. Since being posted, it has received various likes and comments. Many flocked to the comments to share their reactions. Several said that the correct answer is “26.” A few others shared “31,” and “12” as the solution.

Earlier another brain teaser went viral on social media. The question reads, “You are in the puzzles land desert with 3,000 bananas and a camel which can carry at most 1,000 bananas at a time. The camel eats a banana each kilometre. You have to transport the bananas 1,000 kilometres to the marketplace. What is the maximum number of bananas that can reach the marketplace?”

Can you solve this puzzle?


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