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In the Green Park area of Delhi, a stray dog found itself in a precarious situation after tumbling into a gutter. Trapped for three days, its cries finally reached someone’s ears, prompting the intervention of Delhi Fire Service officials. The canine had entered the gutter through a damaged manhole but was unable to come out of it. The fire service personnel then skillfully drilled into the road to rescue the distressed dog, ensuring its safe retrieval.

Snapshot of the dog being saved. (Instagram/@ Simanta V. Mahanta )
Snapshot of the dog being saved. (Instagram/@ Simanta V. Mahanta )

“Unsung heroes from the Delhi Fire Service rescuing a doggo trapped inside a gutter for three days,” wrote Simanta V. Mahanta as she shared the video of the rescue operation.

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The clip shows the fire personnel drilling inside the road and trying to locate the dog. As they clear the stones from the way, the dog can be heard whimpering. Finally, once the hole is big enough, a man goes inside it and pulls out the dog to safety.

Watch the video here:

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An individual wrote, “Thank you so much for saving his life.”

“Fantastic job, guys!” said a second.

A third commented, “Thanks off and salute to these heroes who saved this dog live.”

A fourth added, “What a wonderful rescue.”

A fifth posted, “Salute to the heros who saved the dog’s life. May God bless him with lots of happiness and blessings.”

A sixth shared, “Proud of our heroes.”


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