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There are several videos of dogs that show how smart they can be. From asking for treats from pet parents to even taking care of a baby, many such videos go viral on social media. Now, another clip showing the intelligence of a dog has caught the attention of many. It shows how the pooch convinced its pet dad to play with him.

Husky convincing its pet dad. (Instagram/@damon_thehimalayanhusky)
Husky convincing its pet dad. (Instagram/@damon_thehimalayanhusky)

The video was shared by the Instagram page @damon_thehimalayanhusky. It shows a husky going to its pet dad and asking him to play. However, the dad refuses the dog multiple times. At the end, the dog makes a sad face and sits on the ground. Upon seeing that, its dad calls him a good boy and takes it to play with him. (Also Read: Dog in UK helps rescue a cat trapped 30-metre deep in mineshaft)

In the caption of the post, @damon_thehimalayanhusky wrote, “Being a good boy always works out for me.”

Watch the video of the dog here:

This video was shared on October 16. Since being posted, it has gone viral with more than 3.2 million views. The clip also has numerous likes and comments.

Check out what people are saying about this clip here.

An individual wrote, “Proof that huskies run our lives.”

A second said, “It was the puppy eyes.”

“The type of interruption I want!” posted a third.

A fourth shared, “The same happens with me as well. We just cant say no.”

A fifth added, “So cute! Look at the face.”

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