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There are several animal videos that leave us mesmerised and in awe of nature. Now, one such video is doing rounds on the Internet. It shows how an octopus camouflages itself by changing its skin colour and moving its tentacles to resemble the shape of a certain object.

This octopus was seen changing colours. (Instagram/@octonation)
This octopus was seen changing colours. (Instagram/@octonation)

The video was posted on Instagram by the handle @octonation. It was originally recorded by Ibrahim Elhariry. In the clip, you can see an octopus wrapping itself around a rock. Within seconds it changes its colour and camouflages by imitating the look and shape of the rock. It repeats the same process with other rocks. (Also Read: Octopus calmly swims beside woman who came extremely close while recording it)

In the caption of the post, the page informed, “Chromatophores are small, pigment-containing cells controlled by an array of muscles and nerves. These tiny, elastic sacs of colour can expand or contract. When a chromatophore is relaxed, the sac contracts, which can make it flush white (blanching). When the muscles around a chromatophore tighten, the sac stretches open, revealing colours such as black, brown, orange, red, or yellow!”

Watch the video here:

This video was shared five days ago. Since being posted, it has gained more than two lakh likes. The share also has thousands of comments. Many were fascinated by the clip.

Check out what people are saying about this video here:

An individual wrote, “It looks more chameleon than a regular chameleon.”

A second shared, “Omg, it’s magnificent.”

“It’s not just changing colour but also texture. That’s wild,” posted a third.

A fourth added, “How much I adore these creatures. Very unique.”

A fifth commented, “Amazing animal.”


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