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A video of a man’s encounter with a giant anaconda has been going viral on the Internet for quite some days now and receiving mixed reactions from viewers. In the video, the man is seen catching the anaconda with his bare hands and even kissing its head.

Mike Holston with the giant anaconda. (Instagram/@therealtarzann)
Mike Holston with the giant anaconda. (Instagram/@therealtarzann)

“What an expedition. Successfully caught a monster anaconda of Venezuela,” reads the caption to the video shared on Instagram by Mike Holston. The video opens to show a man approaching an anaconda and grabbing it. As the video goes on, the onlookers can be heard reacting to the man’s actions. The man then places a kiss on the snake’s head before carrying it with him.

Watch the viral video right here:

The video was shared five days ago on Instagram. It has since accumulated over 11.7 million views. The share has received mixed reactions from people.

Here’s what people have said about the video:

“The kiss was crazy,” posted an individual.

Another chimed in, “Big one, but not massive.”

“Looks like a baby anaconda,” expressed a third.

A fourth commented, “You truly are the real Tarzan.”

Many in the comments section expressed disapproval of the man’s act, with one saying, “But why? Leave him alone.”

Another joined, “That’s so cruel bro. What did the snake do?”

“Why man why,” enquired a third.


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