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Celebrity chef Kunal Kapur prepared a full-course millets-based meal for First Ladies attending the G20 summit. He took to Instagram to share a photo of the dish he made for the spouses of the world leaders who attended the summit. Furthermore, he posted a video that documents his experience throughout the summit.

Kunal Kapur cooked Jowar & Mushroom Khichda for the G20 heads' spouses. (Instagram/@chefkunal)
Kunal Kapur cooked Jowar & Mushroom Khichda for the G20 heads’ spouses. (Instagram/@chefkunal)

“Many of you have asked me about what I prepared for the First Ladies at the summit. The meal I prepared consisted of Millet-based dishes, with a special highlight being the ‘Jowar & Mushroom Khichda’,” wrote Kunal Kapur while sharing a few pictures on Instagram.

He added, “Traditionally Khitchda or Khitchra is slow cooked dish made with meat, broken wheat & spices. It is a recipe that takes its lineage from Harees (mention of which is in the oldest surviving cookbook called “Kitaab Al Tabikh” written in 10th century) The term Khitchadi may have been borrowed from Khitchra.”

The chef also shared how he gave a plant-based, vegetarian twist to the dish. “I added different varieties of mushrooms to give it a plant-based, vegetarian twist. This adaptation retains the meaty texture and flavours of the original dish while highlighting the delicious and healthy aspects of vegetarian cuisine. The mushrooms I used were pink oysters, chanterelles, shiitake, enoki, portobello and our humble khumb (button mushrooms). Happy to say all of these international mushrooms were locally grown.”

Take a look at the post shared by Kunal Kapur here:

He also shared a Reel on Instagram documenting his day at the G20 Summit. It shows him entering the venue and later cooking the dishes for the First Ladies at the summit. As the video continues, he interacts with the First Ladies and even presents them with his recipe books.

Since these posts were shared, they have accumulated scores of likes. Many even flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts.

Here’s how people reacted to Kunal Kapur’s posts:

“It looks so much like Italian dish Risotto I’m sure it’s delicious,” posted an Instagram user.

Another added, “Sir, do share the recipe for this someday. Will be eagerly waiting for it.”

“I am sure this was a big hit. Looking forward to the recipe, chef,” expressed a third.

A fourth wrote, “Wonderful! So proud of you, Chef.”


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