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A video capturing a cat’s failed efforts to tempt a dog into engaging in a fight was shared on social media. The video shows how the kitty kept showing new and out-of-the-box fighting styles to provoke the doggo. The pooch, however, continues to ignore the cat.

The image shows a cat standing beneath a table with a dog beside it. (Reddit/@MannerAltruistic8043)
The image shows a cat standing beneath a table with a dog beside it. (Reddit/@MannerAltruistic8043)

“I will show you who’s boss,” reads the caption posted along with the video. The clip opens to show a cat standing beneath a table with a dog standing near it. At first, the cat shows its ninja moves on the table leg. However, soon it comes out to show some more moves to the dog. What is hilarious is the dog’s reaction to the cat’s approaches.

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Take a look at this video to the interaction:

The video was posted about five hours ago. Since then, it has accumulated nearly 500 upvotes. The share has also prompted people to post varied comments. While some shared how the cat is confused about whom to fight, a few commented on the reaction of the dog. Some also took the route of hilarity while commenting.

Here’s how Reddit users reacted to the video:

“Is he fighting the table leg or the dog,” posted a Reddit user. “In the arena of domestic cohabitation, a feline warrior engages in a strategic skirmish with its canine counterpart. Employing the table leg as both shield and manoeuvring apparatus, the cat executes a dance-like evasion, adopting a crab-like posture to assert dominance. As the confrontation subsides, the victorious feline gracefully succumbs to a vulnerable belly expose, signalling an unexpected truce and inviting tactile camaraderie in the intricate tapestry of interspecies dynamics,” joked another.

“I love how the dog reacted to the whole situation,” posted a third. “The attention span is non-existent. I love it,” wrote a fourth.


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