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IRL streamer Ice Poseidon has landed in a controversy after his recent ‘creepy’ broadcast in Australia on Kick. As per reports, he allegedly struck a deal with a man and gave him $500 to set up an encounter with a female escort. He then allegedly installed hidden cameras to film the event. Some reports said that he was arrested for his actions which he denied.

Ice Poseidon (X(Formerly Twitter)/@REALIcePoseidon)
Ice Poseidon (X(Formerly Twitter)/@REALIcePoseidon)

Ice Poseidon received flak on social media for the alleged actions. Several other streamers and fans called him out. As the news of the incident broke out, Ice Poseidon clarified on “X”(formerly Twitter). He posted, “Wasn’t a “hidden camera” and I got swatted after not arrested. Buck adding to the Twitter cancelation nonsense!!! Figure your s**t out twitter it’s LEGAL content that even the police wrote off as LEGAL and safe.”

Ice Poseidon is not new to controversies. In June, he was arrested in Thailand for giving lap dances in hotel lounge. The hotel’s manager called the police on him and he was arrested.

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Meanwhile, video live streaming service “Kick” has promised changes in its guidelines after the latest controversy involving Ice Poseidon.

“There’s incredible untapped potential in what live streaming has to offer. We’re firm believers that the greatest days of live streaming are yet to come. With that said, community & public safety cannot be compromised in the process of making “content”. We’re continuously learning where this balance sits and are making changes daily. We appreciate our community for the continuous feedback, both the good & the bad. We’ll keep you updated on upcoming changes to community guidelines and subsequent enforcement measures,” Kick posted on “X”(formerly Twitter).

However, there is uncertainty over what will be the changes in community guidelines and when it will be enforced.


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