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Minnesota’s Duluth Fire Department responded to a complaint of a pit bull breaking free from his leash and jumping into a lake near the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge. When they reached the scene, they found the dog suffering in chilly waters and heavy eight-foot waves of Lake Superior. The fire department shared about the rescue of the dog on Facebook. Since being posted, many appreciated the heroic efforts of the Duluth Fire Department.

Snapshot of the dog stuck in Lake Superior.
Snapshot of the dog stuck in Lake Superior.

“The dog was struggling in 8-foot plus waves in the middle of the ship canal. Crew members entered the water in ice rescue suits that are designed to work in the extreme cold water and ice of Lake Superior. Rescue 1 crew members fought their way through the waves to find the dog but were struggling to see him due to the large waves and limited light. The dog was also dark in colour and kept slipping below the surface making him difficult to find,” wrote the Duluth Fire Department on Facebook. (Also Read: Limping dog tied to a pole, saved by animal rescue team)

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They further added, “The dog was large, scared and was struggling which added to the difficulty. The crew and dog were being swept in towards the bay, and as they were passing under the bridge, Marine-3 arrived on the scene. DFD crew members in the boat and the water struggled in the waves but were able to get the dog and the firefighters into the boat. The boat was driven to the back side of the South Pier Inn where the water is calmer and more protected.”

The fire department also informed that the dog was completely exhausted when it was rescued. It was later given medical treatment and reunited with its owners.

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This post was shared on December 11. Since being shared, it has more than 1,100 likes and numerous comments. Many thanked the fire department for their efforts.

Here’s what people are saying about it:

An individual wrote, “Big thank you, for the work you all do day in and out and for the explanation. You are all appreciated!”

A second shared, “Thank you for the explanation of how this rescue occurred and the logic behind helping to save a pet. Excellent job, and thank you for being there when the community needs you!”

“Good decision making. This does protect the public and it indeed reunites a loved pet with the family. Strong work,” commented a third.

A fourth added, “Thank you for saving the dog! Animals are family too.”


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