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Is it very tough or super easy? This is the debate going on between netizens trying to solve a brain teaser posted on X. It is a puzzle which challenges people to spot a hidden number. While some are spotting the number instantly, others are finding it hard to solve. Do you think you will be able to solve the puzzle at first glance?

Can you solve this brain teaser? (X/@HumansNoContext)
Can you solve this brain teaser? (X/@HumansNoContext)

The image is posted on an X handle with a simple caption that reads, “Eye test. What number do you see?” The unassuming image is covered in black and white stripes. The trick is to find the numbers hidden behind the strips.

Are you ready for this brain teaser challenge?

The post was shared a day ago. Since then, it has gone crazy viral online. Till now, the tweet has accumulated more than 5.6 million views, and the numbers are only increasing. The share has gathered tons of comments from people.

From expressing that the puzzle was easy to solve to sharing that it left them baffled, people posted varied comments. A few also suggested ways for others to solve it with ease.

Here’s how X users reacted to the brain teaser:

“I am feeling dizzy after seeing this. Which number is there?” posted an X user. “I’ve literally been straining my eyes to see something, I’m probably just going to imagine a number, so I’d go with 4 & 9,” joked another. “It’s very clear when you move the picture upward. Like in the process of moving up to read comments under this tweet,” joined a third. “17… I don’t get it. Should this be hard to see?” added a fourth. “People really can’t see 17?” shared a fifth. “It’s 17. If you move the image around a little kind of quick you can better see the number,” wrote a sixth.

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