Lil Nas X gets trolled for dressing up as used tampon for Halloween


Lil Nas X chose a rather polarising choice as his costume for Halloween this year. The rapper dressed up as a used tampon, but that led to the internet trolling him for his insensitive sartorial choice. However, some also praised him for normalising menstrual health issues. (Also Read: Heidi Klum reveals her Halloween 2023 costume, she was dressed up as…)

Lil Nas X dresses up as used tampon for Halloween
Lil Nas X dresses up as used tampon for Halloween

Lil Nas X wears used tampon

Lil Nas X took to his social media handles and shared a video of his Halloween look without any caption. He was seen wearing what looked like a tampon with blood on it. He matched it with long white hair with hints of red on it. He also wore white pants and heels and took a walk on a footpath, holding a white string tied to a cutout that looked like a vagina. He ended the video with a laugh as his upcoming music played in the background.

Reactions to Lil Nas X’s costume

The internet didn’t take too kindly to Lil Nas X’s costume. A user commented on the Instagram post, “I enjoy this look but the fact that you personally have never experienced the stigma, shame or pain involved with having a period makes me pause and think……. But why though?”

Another user seconded this thought and wrote, “This is so wrong you don’t even know what we go through every month just gone laugh at our pain.” “When you are a biological man who plays with feminity for clout but publically disrespect women at the same time (peace out emoji) because vaginas and periods are like funny or scary or something,” commented a third one.

Another person wrote that Lil Nas X shouldn’t dress up as something that he hasn’t experienced. They said, “I gotta say, I don’t think you’d want to be a period if you could experience a period. Believe me, it ain’t no walk in the park! But living through it month after month, year after year, is often a horror show! Peace!”

Another commented, “Not funny. Actually quite misogynistic. And being gay does not give you pass (thumbs down emoji).”

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