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“So beautiful, so elegant…” – we don’t even need to tell you what comes after these words as Jasmeen Kaur’s unique phrase to talk about a salwar suit is all over the Internet. People from all walks of life, including social media users, actors, politicians, and musicians, have shared videos using the popular ‘just looking like a wow’ audio. Now, an English teacher hopped on the trend and gave her students grammar lessons using the catchy phrase.

English teacher giving grammar lessons using the viral phrase. (Instagram/@kdcampus_)
English teacher giving grammar lessons using the viral phrase. (Instagram/@kdcampus_)

“Ma’am you are just looking like a wow,” reads the caption written along with the video shared on Instagram. The video opens to show the English teacher reading the viral phrase from a piece of paper. She then engages her students by asking the part of speech of the words ‘beautiful’ and ‘elegant’ belong to. Next, she asks about the word ‘so’ used in the phrase, and goes on analysing each segment of the viral phrase.

The video was shared three days ago on Instagram. It has since gone crazy viral, amassing over 18.4 million views and still counting. Many even flocked to the comments section of the video to share their thoughts.

“End of trend now,” posted an Instagram user.

Another added, “She took the meme and turned it into a learning opportunity. That’s the power of a good teacher.”

“Ma’am wore a laddu peela dress!” commented a third while referencing the video where Kaur uses the words’ laddu peela’ to describe the yellow colour.

“The real wowism,” remarked a fifth.


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