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After an influencer posted a video ranting about the flavour of Magic Masala Lays, his video went crazy viral on social media. It not only prompted responses from netizens but even Lay’s and Bingo reacted to the video.

Influencer ranting about Lay's Magic Masala chips.(Instagram/@ Zervaan J Bunshah)
Influencer ranting about Lay’s Magic Masala chips.(Instagram/@ Zervaan J Bunshah)

The clip was shared by Zervaan J Bunshah on Instagram. In the clip, he can be seen asking Lay’s what happened to the flavour of Magic Masala. He complains how the flavour has turned sweet and goes on to rant about it.

Watch the video of Bunshah here:

Soon after this post went viral, many reacted to it. Lay’s messaged Bunshah and told him, “Hello! We understand that India’s Magic Masala has been your favorite, and you want the magic back. This pack was a limited edition, and we intend to add more joy to the lives of our consumers. So, don’t worry, we have your back! India’s Magic Masala is coming back.”

However, even if Lay’s said that Magic Masala would make a comeback, Bingo offered a quick solution to Bunshah’s problem by offering him a truck full of Bingo Hashtag Spicy Masala chips. Yes, you read that right.

In a video, shared by the official Instagram handle of Bingo, you can see a man saying that everyone at the company felt upset when Bunshah received sweet chips instead of spicy once. So, as a token of love, Bingo offered him a truck full of their spicy chips.

Bingo shared this video just a day ago. Since being posted, it has received more than three million views. The share also has numerous likes and comments.

Here’s what people are saying about the clip:

An individual wrote, “I can already taste the spiciness in my mouth!”

A second commented, “Bingo saw an opportunity, and gave an excellent shot!”

A third shared, “Bingo, when are you sending the truck? I am hungry.”

“Truck full of Bingo chips sounds like a dream come true!” posted another.

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