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The natural world presents numerous marvels that often escape our notice. Now, a video capturing something that you might have never seen before has taken over social media. The clip features a fungus emitting ‘smoke’ from its pores serves as a captivating example. Since IRS Ankur Rapria captured and shared this mesmerizing footage, it has piqued the curiosity of countless individuals.

Snapshot of the fungus spreading its spores. (Instagram/@IRS Ankur Rapria)
Snapshot of the fungus spreading its spores. (Instagram/@IRS Ankur Rapria)

The video opens to show a fungus releasing its spores. It almost looks like smoke is emitting from it. This phenomenon was captured in the Western Ghats. (Also Read: Dong Valley: Nagaland Minister shares mesmerising video of land of ‘India’s first sunrise’)

In the caption of the post, IRS Ankur Rapria explained about what is happening in the video in detail. He wrote, “This is not smoke, but the Bracket Fungi releasing its spores in the rainy season. Bracket Fungi are generally found in forests and woodlands, mainly on timbers that are exposed to the sunlight. These fungi produce spores in a tissue perforated with numerous cylindrical pores through which the spores are shed. Haploid spores of two different mating types need to germinate on a tree.”

As per the Royal Horticultural Society, the fruiting structures of different fungi that induce heartwood decay in standing trees are known as brackets. Huge amounts of wind-borne spores are released by the brackets, which germinate on damaged wood and enter the heartwood where the fungus creates an increasing pocket of rot.

Watch the video of the Bracket Fungi here:

This post was shared just a few hours ago. Since being shared, it has gained numerous likes and comments. Several were wowed by the video.

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