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Fidias Panayiotou, a YouTuber, is facing criticism after he shared a video of himself sneaking into the Bengaluru Metro and riding without a ticket. Panayiotou is famously known for his viral video that captures how he convinced Elon Musk to hug him after camping outside his offices for months.

The image shows the YouTuber inside Bengaluru Metro. (Instagram/@fidias0)
The image shows the YouTuber inside Bengaluru Metro. (Instagram/@fidias0)

The content creator recently took to Instagram to share a video of his metro ride in India. “How to sneak into the Indian metro,” he wrote while posting the video on Instagram.

The clip opens to show him standing outside a metro station in Bengaluru speaking into his mic. He says, “I will teach you how to get on the metro in India for free.”

As the video progresses, he asks two men if they think he can get inside the metro without a ticket. To which, one of the men replies that probably he will not be able to do so. After his brief conversation, Panayiotou enters the station and goes near the flap gates where people punch their tickets. However, instead of punching a ticket, he simply jumps over one of the gates. He then goes to the platform and boards a train.

Inside the coach, he does pull-ups and talks about the train being “packed.” Once he reaches his destination, he gets down from the metro and goes out of the station the same way he entered.

Take a look at this video of the YouTuber that has attracted people’s criticism:

The video was posted two days ago. Since being shared, the clip has accumulated close to 1.1 million views. The share has also received tons of comments from people.

“GOOD JOB! STEALING from the HARD WORKING people of India!” posted an Instagram user. “Ok now just imagine the hate if this was an Indian in a Western country,” added another. “Why would someone do something as stupid as this?” wondered a third. “Even though I like you as a person and your content, Fidias, this is absolutely wrong and unethical. You shouldn’t really be doing this for content!!” wrote a fourth. A few also suggested that he should be reported for pulling this stunt.


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