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An overly affectionate dog with complete disregard for its human’s personal space has left people chuckling. A video shared on Reddit shows how the dog keeps on pressing its nose against its pet dad’s face without moving.

The image shows a dog with its pet dad. (Screengrab)
The image shows a dog with its pet dad. (Screengrab)

“Personal space? What is personal space?” reads the apt caption posted along with the video. The clip opens to show the dog and its human sitting in front of each other on a couch. The dog is seen pressing its nose against the nose of its human and staring into his eyes. The pooch keeps on holding its position without any intention of moving away.

Take a look at this funny video of the dog:

The video was shared about 14 hours ago. Since then, it has collected close to 700 upvotes. The share has also prompted people to post varied reactions.

What did Reddit users say about this hilarious dog video?

“Rotties don’t understand personal space, if mine is any indication. Can’t let him see this, he’ll start doing it to me,” shared a Reddit user. “It’s nose to nose stare, think doggo wins,” joked another. “OMG that’s just too funny thank you for the laugh and great video,” posted a third.

“My American Bully does this too. He’ll walk up to me lying on the couch and come nose to nose with me, then when I ask him what he thinks he’s doing he’ll start licking my mouth. Needless to say, I’ve learned to talk out of the side of my mouth so he won’t kick the inside of it! Lol,” joined a fourth. “This is pure love,” wrote a fifth.


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