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For two whole days, a helpless deer was trapped in barbed wire, unable to escape as its antlers had become entangled in the sharp metal. When the incident was reported to Columbia County deputies, they acted quickly and rushed to the scene to rescue the animal. Now, a video of the officers’ heroic rescue is gaining much attention on social media, with many expressing gratitude and admiration for their outstanding work.

Deer stuck in barbed wire around a tree. (Facebook/@ColumbiaCountySheriffWI)
Deer stuck in barbed wire around a tree. (Facebook/@ColumbiaCountySheriffWI)

“Our deputies wear many hats while on duty. Today they used their DNR skills. There was a report of a buck that was tangled in barbed wire around a tree for the past two days. As the deputies arrived, they observed the exhausted buck still trying to free himself. With the help of some bolt cutters and a Sawall, they were able to free the massive deer and he ran off to live for another day!” reads the caption of the video shared on Facebook.

The video opens to show a deer stuck in the barbed wire around a tree. As the video goes on, officers can be seen using bolt cutters and an electric saw to free the deer. Towards the end, the deer can be seen breaking free and dashing into the woods.

Watch the video right here:

The post was shared six days ago on Facebook. It has since been viewed over 18,000 times. Additionally, the share has collected nearly 700 reactions and a flurry of comments.

Here’s how people reacted to this heartwarming rescue:

“Great job,” posted a Facebook user.

Another added, “You guys are true heroes!”

“Amazing work freeing the deer! Thank you for everything that you all do,” expressed a third.

A fourth commented, “So awesome!”

“Awe. We love our officers,” joined a fifth.

A sixth shared, “Awesome job to all involved!”

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