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Workers at a car wash in Indiana’s Fort Wayne were left astonished when they stumbled upon a groundhog wedged within a customer’s front bumper. The customer had initially brought the car in because a bird had become trapped in the front grille of their vehicle, but little did they know that an even greater surprise awaited them.

Snapshot of the groundhog stuck inside the car. (Facebook/@ Jiffy Lube)
Snapshot of the groundhog stuck inside the car. (Facebook/@ Jiffy Lube)

After finding the groundhog, the car wash employees transported the vehicle to Jiffy Lube, a vehicle repair shop. The Jiffy Lube staff promptly contacted Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control for help. Their team then began to dismantle the front section of the car to reach the trapped animal, reported UPI.

“It was definitely an odd day at work, last thing I expected was to be pulling apart a front bumper to remove a groundhog. He was cute but definitely mad that we were trying to take him from his warm home. We ended up having to take off the front skid plate to give him room to leave the engine bay. After we got him out, he ran to the back of the car and hopped up in the rear suspension. Had to take off the left rear tire to get him out,” Dalton Brenneke of Jiffy Lube told to (Also Read: Hyundai dealership store in Canada rescues cat stuck in a car belt)

Jiffy Lube even took to Facebook to share a picture of the incident. In the caption of the post, they wrote, “Just hangin’ out! Our Fort Wayne J-Team helped out Mike’s Car Wash team after finding a groundhog in a customer’s wheel well. Kudos to all parties involved!”

Take a look at the picture of the groundhog trapped in a car here:

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An individual wrote, “He’s so cute.”

Another said, “Too cute, lucky little dude.”

A third commented, “Priceless!”

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