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Many people plan for months, and sometimes even years, to create a picture-perfect moment for their partners while proposing to them. These heartfelt declarations of love not only mark a significant milestone in a relationship but are also magical to witness. This past year, various proposal videos have gone viral. As the year 2023 nears its end, we bring you the top five proposals that tugged at the heartstrings of many.

Man proposes to woman at Auckland Airport.
Man proposes to woman at Auckland Airport.

1. Woman accidentally films her proposal

This adorable proposal video was shared on Instagram by the page Good News Movement. The video shows a woman recording a panoramic scene of what appears to be a lakeside view. As she turns towards her partner, he is seen kneeling down on a knee with a ring in his hand.

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2. Man proposes over Auckland airport’s PA system

A man approached Auckland Airport authorities for assistance with a marriage proposal. He made a special announcement for her girlfriend over the PA system. He even invited his relatives and friends to witness the moment. This sweet video was shared on Instagram by Auckland Airport.

3. Proposal at the mall

Shared on Instagram by user Priyanshi, the video opens with a man surprising his girlfriend at the mall. In front of his girlfriend’s pals, he gets down on one knee and proposes to her. The girl, overcome with joy, hugs her boyfriend and says yes.

4. Couple proposes to each other at Disneyland

This cute video will surely make you say ‘aww’. The video shows a couple posing for photos in Disneyland. The woman then kneels down and proposes to her lover with a ring. Rather than becoming emotional or accepting her proposal, the man bursts out laughing. In an unexpected turn, he reaches into his pocket and proposes to her.

5. Man proposes during a photoshoot

A romantic moment occurred during a photoshoot when a man gave the most heartfelt proposal. As the couple was posing for pictures, the man started saying a few kind words to his girlfriend. He then takes out a ring and asks her to marry him. Stunned by the turn of events, the woman replies by saying, “It’s a yes babe!”

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