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A Reddit user recently took to the platform to share how she’s been planning for a trip to New Orleans for months. After making reservations into hotels, restaurants, and checking other tourist spots, the only thing left was plane tickets. However, when her husband took too long to book the flights, the woman took matters into her own hands.

The woman shared how she left her husband at home to go on a vacation. (Unsplash )
The woman shared how she left her husband at home to go on a vacation. (Unsplash )

The post was shared on Reddit by user ‘Strong-Farm-7377.’ She shared that after months of research and planning, she gave the responsibility of booking flight tickets to her husband. (Also Read: She believed she was in a relationship with ‘Stranger Things’ actor. Loses $10,000, divorces husband)

“Every few weeks, I would check in with my husband to see if he had asked off and bought the tickets yet, he would say he was waiting for the plane ticket prices to go down. Three weeks ago, I reminded him again, and he said he had gotten off work for the day but had forgotten to get the tickets. He looked online, and the tickets were close to $1500/ticket. He said he was going to wait some more to see if they would go down,” wrote Strong-Farm-7377 in the post.

She further added, “Last week, I asked if he had bought them yet and he said no. We looked again, and the prices were still high. He said he wasn’t willing to spend that much on them and asked how much money I would lose if I just canceled everything instead. He offered to have a nice staycation instead. I told him I was not willing to cancel everything because I spent so much time planning it.”

In the end, Strong-Farm-7377 went on vacation on her own, leaving her husband at home. She lastly said that when she reached New Orleans her husband started to “blow up” her phone by calling and messaging her.

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This post was shared on September 20. Since being posted, it has been upvoted 16,000 times. The share has also received thousands of comments.

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An individual wrote, “I recently took a one-week trip out of state. I invited my spouse to go with me, and he said he’d have nothing to do while I was going to a seminar and a library visit. After I got back from a week that I thoroughly enjoyed (I don’t mind doing things on my own), he commented that I must really enjoy my own company and traveling by myself, and a couple of other snarky, low-level comments. Apparently, he didn’t enjoy being by himself. Oh, well, you were invited.”

A second said, “He sounds like a child and needs attention. I think more trips away from him will get him there. I spend up to 1/3 a year on my own as my wife travels a lot for work. It’s great. I get to watch sports, tinker with my allotment, and go out with friends. She has friends all over the world and enjoys her time alone too.”

“He absolutely did not want to go and blamed it on you for not cancelling. Go have fun OP. Make the best out of your trip!” expressed another.

A fourth commented, “He didn’t want to spend money on a vacation but was too chicken to say it, so instead he tried to force OP to stay at home, and it backfired on him, so now he’s upset.”


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