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A Goodwill store manager ended up calling the police after discovering a horrifying donation. But what was exactly donated to the store? A human skull.

Picture of the human skull found in the donation box. (Instagram/@Good Year Police)
Picture of the human skull found in the donation box. (Instagram/@Good Year Police)

The Good Year Police took to Instagram to share about the incident that happened at a Goodwill location on Sarival Avenue and Yuma Road. (Also Read: UK archaeologists unearth ‘incredibly rare’ comb made of human skull, pics surface)

The department wrote “Goodyear Police responded and took possession, transporting it to the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office for further investigation. Their preliminary findings confirm it is in fact a human skull and that it appears to be historic. In addition, it does not appear to have any forensic significance, meaning, it is not associated with a crime.”

It is unclear who donated the skull and what would eventually happen to it.

Take a look at the post shared by the Good Year Police here:

This post was shared just a day ago. Since being uploaded, it has been liked several times. Many even took to the comments section of the post to share their reactions.

Here’s what people are saying about this incident:

An individual wrote, “Wow! I wonder if the people who donated the skull even knew if it was real?”

“Unreal,” said a second.

A third commented, “Wow.”

What are your thoughts on this unusual donation?


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