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A video of a dog taking her first walk about being rescued was shared online. The clip captures the dog carefully taking each step to explore the outside world. The dog’s way of slowly getting adjusted to her freedom after being locked in a lab facility for most of her life will leave you teary-eyed.

The image shows a rescued dog named Dora. (Instagram/@weratedogs)
The image shows a rescued dog named Dora. (Instagram/@weratedogs)

The story of the dog named Dora was shared on the Instagram page We Rate Dogs. “This is Dora. She’s going on her first walk after being rescued from a lab facility. 14/10 we are so proud of her,” reads the caption posted along with the video.

The video shows the dog almost crawling while outside with her human. What is amazing about this video is how the dog keeps on moving forward as her human keeps reminding her that she is doing a ‘Good job’.

Take a look at this heartening video of the rescue dog:

The post was shared a little less than 15 hours ago. Since then, it has accumulated nearly 2.6 lakh likes. People posted varied comments while reacting to the video. While some were thankful that Dora was rescued, others wished her good luck for the future. A few also shared similar stories of their rescued pets.

Here’s how Instagram users react to the video of the rescued dog:

“Sometimes it’s just safest to stay extra close to the ground for those first few little beagle steps,” posted an Instagram user. “I’ve rescued two former lab beagles and they have to learn how to be a dog after their time in there. The world is big and scary to them, learning how to drink, walk, be outside, a dog bed, it’s all brand new! My boy took two years to trust me enough to cuddle because he was so abused in the lab. It’s heartbreaking but rescuing them is SO worth it. They blossom and love life so much,” shared another.

“The world is very big and Dora is very small. But luckily Dora is also very brave, as shown by the way she sniffed that leaf to make sure her human was well protected,” added a third. “Can’t wait to give you a new lease on life, Dora! You’re doing amazing sweetie,” wrote a fourth.

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